Two Course Challenge

Discover the excitement of our two spectacular mini golf courses nestled amidst lush gardens, featuring a lazy river and enchanting waterfalls. Immerse yourself in a captivating environment as you navigate through the greens. Experience the perfect blend of nature and exhilarating gameplay, creating an unforgettable mini golf adventure.

Take advantage of playing both the 18 hole courses and benefit from a massive discount for adults and children.

Get yourself warmed up ready to tackle the harder yellow course. Start in the haunted caves (you will be alright as Orlando the friendly octopus will protect you) then pass through Pirate Pete’s own ship, finish climbing the mountains to safety, with great views over the whole of the course.

Pit your wits on the Yellow Course (slightly longer and slightly harder one). This one starts on the flat but then rises over the river rapids. Negotiate the obstacles, but be aware, “Look Out Bill” is in his tower. He will be watching to ensure there is no sneaky cheating going on

Get your golf on!

Don’t wait to book your spot at Tenerife’s home of mini golf!