The slightly easier one!

Gear up for an exciting mini golf adventure as you warm up to tackle the thrilling Yellow Course. Get ready to showcase your skills and conquer the challenges that await on this mini golf journey!"

Start in the haunted caves (you will be alright as Orlando the friendly octopus will protect you) then pass through Pirate Pete’s own ship, and finish climbing the mountains to safety, with great views over the whole of the course.

Indulge in a refreshing break while enjoying an exhilarating round of mini golf in Tenerife. Rehydrate with a variety of options including cool slushes, soft drinks, and even chilled alcoholic beverages. After the game, tally up the scores, crown the winner, or strategise for the tougher Yellow Course. The perfect blend of excitement and
relaxation awaits!

Get your golf on!

Don’t wait to book your spot at Tenerife’s home of mini golf!